May 22, 2015

Iwate issues certificates of origin for food exports to Taiwan

The Iwate Prefectural Government has begun issuing certificates of origin for farm, fishery and processed food exports to comply with tougher rules adopted by Taiwan last week. Iwate took the action Thursday to prevent local industries from being adversely affected by Taipei’s decision to ...

May 22, 2015

Government defends response to Islamic State hostage crisis

Tokyo on Thursday defended its response to the hostage crisis in which two Japanese nationals were believed slain by the Islamic State militant group. It cannot be said that there were mistakes in the government’s decisions and responses that dampened the possibility of rescuing ...

May 22, 2015

Team develops method to winnow target cells efficiently

A Japanese research team has announced the development of a method to winnow target cells efficiently from various cells grown from human pluripotent stem cells. The method, announced in an article on the online version of the U.S. journal Cell Stem Cell, looks promising ...