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Sanders kicks off '16 bid from Clinton's left

May 27, 2015

Sanders kicks off '16 bid from Clinton's left

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders kicked off his longshot presidential campaign Tuesday with a pitch to liberals in the Democratic Party and others who want change from a “rigged economy” that favors the rich. Sanders vowed to make income inequality, a campaign finance overhaul and ...

May 25, 2015

Russia's new 'undesirables' law draws Western ire

The European Union joined the United States on Sunday in condemning a Russian crackdown on “undesirable” nongovernmental organizations, calling it a “worrying step” that would stifle free speech. Under the law signed by President Vladimir Putin on Saturday evening, Russian prosecutors will be able ...

May 24, 2015

Britain's opposition to back EU referendum bill

Britain’s center-left opposition Labour Party will support Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposal for a referendum on European Union membership but will make the case to stay, party leaders told the Sunday Times. “The British people want to have a say on the U.K.’s membership ...

May 23, 2015

Senate blocks bill that would end U.S. bulk data collection

The U.S. Senate rejected legislation early Saturday aimed at reforming National Security Agency intelligence gathering, a blow to President Barack Obama and others who support ending the bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records. The House of Representatives passed the measure overwhelmingly last week, with ...