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Jan 15, 2015

U.S. cabbie gets $1,000 tip for two-minute drive

A quick chat and a two-minute drive is all it took for an American cab driver to be tipped nearly $1,000. Oumar Maiga, a night-shift driver from Philadelphia, was so stunned he waited a month for the credit card transaction to clear, convinced the ...

Austria ponders taking over house of Hitler's childhood

Jan 15, 2015

Austria ponders taking over house of Hitler's childhood

The Austrian government is looking at options that would allow it to take possession of the house where Adolf Hitler spent his early childhood as it seeks to end a dispute with the owner over its use, officials said Wednesday. The move is the ...

Jacqueline Kennedy's notes to designers up for auction

Jan 14, 2015

Jacqueline Kennedy's notes to designers up for auction

In private, even the stylish former U.S. first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis admitted to tiring of the all-black attire long considered chic in New York City. “I just love this suit & will wear it everywhere as I am SO sick of everyone constantly ...

Jan 12, 2015

Move over Nessie, Scotland gets new, prehistoric marine reptile

Scotland has its very own prehistoric marine reptile — and, no, we’re not talking about Nessie, the mythic Loch Ness monster. Scientists have announced the discovery of the fossil remains of a dolphinlike seagoing reptile on Scotland’s Isle of Skye that lived about 170 ...

Self-taught computer program finds super poker strategy

Jan 9, 2015

Self-taught computer program finds super poker strategy

A computer program that taught itself to play poker has created nearly the best possible strategy for one version of the game, showing the value of techniques that may prove useful to help decision-making in medicine and other areas. The program considered 24 trillion ...

Jan 8, 2015

Manila traffic cops to don diapers for papal visit

When Pope Francis visits the Philippines next week, traffic cops won’t leave their posts if they have to answer the call of nature. The roughly 2,000 traffic enforcers on duty during the Jan. 15-19 papal visit will be required to wear adult diapers, said ...

Jan 7, 2015

Boston to open 'oldest' U.S. time capsule, from 1795

It dates back to 1795 and has been dubbed the oldest time capsule in America. On Thursday, a museum in Boston will open the relic, believed to contain coins and papers. The Museum of Fine Arts will open the time capsule at a press ...

Jan 6, 2015

Arizona Department of Transportation comes clean on sasquatch pic

A photo posted on Facebook depicting what Arizona officials said may have been a family of sasquatches, attracting hundreds of comments from skeptics and believers alike, was just a joke, authorities said Monday. The Arizona Department of Transportation said there was no mystery about ...