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Bigfoot believers exchange stories at New York retreat

Oct 25, 2015

Bigfoot believers exchange stories at New York retreat

Believers in the legendary Bigfoot creature gathered Saturday in western New York state, convinced the giant ape also known as Sasquatch has left its footprints all over the region. Yeti, sasquatch, ape-man, Bigfoot. No matter the name, sightings have been reported in virtually every ...

Oct 15, 2015

Santa Claus elected to North Pole City Council

A man with a soft white beard who prides himself on being an advocate for young children has been elected as a city councilman in North Pole, Alaska. The rosy-cheeked 68-year-old candidate, who happens to be named Santa Claus, won a three-year term in ...

Oct 3, 2015

Train evacuated in France over bag of stinky meat

A suspicious gas-like stench aboard a high-speed train led to the evacuation Friday of some 250 people in France before bio-chemical experts traced it to a package of stinky fermenting meat in a passenger’s bag. Local government officials in the Burgundy region of central ...

Oct 2, 2015

Baboons force Zimbabwe radio station off air

A radio station in Zimbabwe was temporarily forced off the air after a group of baboons raided a transmission tower and chewed through cables, a state daily reported Thursday. The Chronicle newspaper said the newly-launched YA FM went down during the breakfast show on ...