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'Sharing economy' brings risks with opportunities

Dec 20, 2015

'Sharing economy' brings risks with opportunities

It is a new dawn for transportation, lodging — and pretty much every service under the sun — and it is all about “sharing.” The so-called sharing economy gained traction across the globe in 2015 as Uber upended the taxi business, Airbnb disrupted the ...

Dec 18, 2015

ID theft security firm LifeLock fined $100 million for lapses

A company that sells identity theft protection services agreed Thursday to pay a fine of $100 million for failing to protect consumer data in the largest settlement on record, officials said. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said its settlement with LifeLock came after the ...

Don't let the friendly face fool you — this croupier has no heart

Dec 15, 2015

Don't let the friendly face fool you — this croupier has no heart

She has an hourglass figure, an unflappable manner and a friendly face. Meet Min, the robot whose creators say could revolutionize card-dealing in the world’s casinos. The svelte brunette is a prototype of a human-like electronic croupier, which Paradise Entertainment Ltd., a Hong Kong-based ...

Dec 12, 2015

Top IT executives pour $1 billion into artificial intelligence startup

Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk and other prominent tech executives are pouring $1 billion into a nonprofit aimed at creating artificial intelligence that augments humans’ capabilities, rather than making them obsolete. The effort announced Friday, called OpenAI, joins significant investments from ...

Dec 11, 2015

'Internet economy' is 6% of U.S. GDP: study

The Internet’s economic impact has doubled since 2007 and now fuels at least 6 percent of the overall U.S. economy, a study showed Thursday. The study for the Internet Association — which includes major companies such as Facebook and Amazon — found the online ...

Dec 11, 2015

Scientists coax computers to think more like people

For artificial intelligence and smart machines to really take off, computers are going to have to be able to think more like people, according to experts in the field who are making important progress toward that goal. Scientists on Thursday said they had created ...

Dec 10, 2015

Why bitcoin's founder matters, as spotlight hits Australian

Since the founding of the cryptocurrency bitcoin in 2009, its inventor — or inventors — have been shrouded in mystery. For six years, that individual or group has lurked behind the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto” and hoarded a pile of the digital currency so large ...