/ Apr 5, 2017

YouTube unveils India mobile app for spotty internet signals

Alphabet Inc.’s Google said Tuesday it would roll out a mobile YouTube application designed for India, boosting the search company’s presence in a burgeoning market with spotty internet access. Since the fall, Google has been conducting extensive tests in India of YouTube Go, which ...

/ Apr 5, 2017

Automatic brakes targeted for 90% of new vehicles by 2020

The government aims to double the proportion of new vehicles equipped with automatic brake systems to over 90 percent by 2020, in an effort to reduce traffic accidents. To achieve the goal, the government will publicize the benefits of vehicles with the safety technology ...

Subliminal ads fast-tracked for maglev trains in Japan

/ Apr 1, 2017

Subliminal ads fast-tracked for maglev trains in Japan


A team of researchers at Shizuoka University is hitching a ride on Japan’s bullet train technology, aiming to transmit targeted advertising at high speeds. Using a groundbreaking technique called high-speed suggestive particle mapping (HS-SPAM), the system relies on embedded arrays of microscopic LEDs that ...

/ Mar 31, 2017

Toyota lets AI loose on hunt for cheaper fuel cells

Toyota Motor Corp. is betting the keys to longer-range electric cars and cheaper fuel cells may lie in machines that act like humans. The carmaker’s Toyota Research Institute is pledging $35 million over the next four years toward putting artificial intelligence to work on ...