In speech, pope tries to balance U.S. debate on religious liberty

Sep 27, 2015

In speech, pope tries to balance U.S. debate on religious liberty


On a stage set for a blockbuster papal endorsement of the American bishops’ religious liberty battle, Pope Francis didn’t deliver. He side-stepped the bishops’ most burning religious-freedom issue — marriage — and spent more time greeting immigrants. With Independence Hall as his backdrop, where ...

'Fastest Nun in the West' could shoot to sainthood

Aug 27, 2015

'Fastest Nun in the West' could shoot to sainthood

An Italian-born nun who challenged outlaw Billy the Kid, calmed angry mobs and helped open hospitals and schools in New Mexico when it was a U.S. territory has now faced her first test in the long road to sainthood. Supporters and researchers presented their ...

Jul 11, 2015

Ex-archbishop hospitalized ahead of Vatican pedophilia trial

A former Polish archbishop was placed in intensive care on Saturday, just hours before his unprecedented trial on pedophilia charges was due to start at the Vatican, the Holy See said. Jozef Wesolowski is accused of sexually abusing minors during his 2008 to 2013 ...

Jul 9, 2015

Pope drinks coca tea on way to highlands of Bolivia

Pope Francis drank a tea of coca leaves, chamomile flower and anise seeds on the plane to Bolivia from Ecuador Wednesday to ward off altitude sickness upon arrival at the highest international airport in the world. Coca is the main ingredient for cocaine, but ...

Jun 22, 2015

Christian warlord Takayama Ukon to be beatified

The Vatican has agreed to recognize Takayama Ukon, one of Japan’s best-known Christian warlords, as beatus or “blessed,” the stage before being declared a saint, Vatican sources said. A beatification ceremony will be held next year in Japan following an official announcement later this ...

Jun 18, 2015

Pope to blame profiteers for killing the planet

Pope Francis will call Thursday on the world’s leaders to pull together to fight global warming, publishing his hotly anticipated thesis on the environment that slams profiteers and slaves to progress. Released six months ahead of a key climate change meeting in Paris, Francis’s ...