Six British soldiers are reburied a century after dying

Apr 19, 2015

Six British soldiers are reburied a century after dying

Six British servicemen have been reburied in Flanders Fields over a century after they died in the chaotic first months of World War I. The six unknown soldiers were accorded a service with full military honors Thursday. Their bodies were found half a dozen ...

Apr 17, 2015

The line of succession to the British throne

Prince William’s second child will be born fourth in line to inherit the British throne, behind their first child, Prince George. Everyone below the baby will move down a place, starting with William’s brother, Prince Harry, who will drop to fifth. The immediate line ...

Apr 17, 2015

William and Kate: royal parents with a modern image

by James Pheby

The birth of the second baby of Prince William and his wife, Kate, will cap a momentous four years for Britain’s golden couple, completing their journey from student sweethearts to regal domesticity. The couple have cultivated an image as down-to-earth parents ever since William ...

Mar 31, 2015

Rhodes scholarships open up to Chinese students

The Rhodes Scholarships, founded by one of Britain’s most acquisitive colonialists and whose laureates have gone on to become presidents and prime ministers, are to be opened to Chinese students, their administrative trust said. The scholarships to Oxford University were established in 1903 in ...