Feb 24, 2017

China overtakes U.S., France as Germany's biggest trading partner

China for the first time became Germany’s most important trading partner in 2016, overtaking the United States, which fell back to third place behind France, data showed on Friday. German imports from and exports to China rose to €170 billion ($180 billion) last year, ...

Feb 14, 2017

Trust vs. protection in trade


In 15 months, Britain will host a large meeting in London that may sound like it comes from yesterday but in fact belongs to tomorrow. The meeting will be the gathering of the heads of government of the 52 countries that are member states ...

Britain's Boris Johnson renounces U.S. citizenship

Feb 9, 2017

Britain's Boris Johnson renounces U.S. citizenship

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who was born in New York, has renounced his U.S. citizenship, according to a United States Treasury Department document released Wednesday. Alexander Boris Johnson figured in the Treasury list of people who had given up their U.S. citizenship in ...

Feb 8, 2017

Poll shows support for Scottish independence rising

Support for Scottish independence rose after the British Prime Minister came out in favor of the U.K. making a clean break with the European Union, a BMG survey for Herald Scotland showed. The survey indicated 49 percent of Scots support independence with 51 percent ...