Jun 24, 2015

Amari says TPP agreement is possible in July

Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Akira Amari said Wednesday the 12 countries negotiating a Pacific Rim free trade initiative can reach a broad agreement by the end of July, as U.S. Congress has neared passage of a bill that is crucial to concluding the ...

Trade could make or break Obama pivot to Asia

| Jun 18, 2015

Trade could make or break Obama pivot to Asia

Critics have long predicted that President Barack Obama’s policy to shift America’s focus toward Asia is doomed. The legislative battle over his trade agenda could prove the acid test. Legislation to smooth the way for a free-trade pact with 11 other Asia-Pacific nations hit ...

Clinton backs TPP foes, complicating Obama push

Jun 16, 2015

Clinton backs TPP foes, complicating Obama push

Hillary Rodham Clinton complicated President Barack Obama’s quest for fast-track authority on his Pacific Rim trade pact Monday by throwing her support behind fellow Democrats who revolted against the measure last week, while the U.S. Congress further delayed action on related legislation. Clinton’s criticism ...

Jun 14, 2015

Asia-Pacific negotiators end talks without free trade goal

Negotiators from 16 Asia-Pacific countries ended their eighth round of talks to promote a deal that would free up their trade early Sunday, falling short of setting any ambitious goal of eliminating tariffs. The working-level meeting, which began last Monday in Kyoto, involving the ...