Huge duck makes debut in Beijing

Sep 20, 2013

Huge duck makes debut in Beijing

China’s first authentic version of a giant rubber duck that has made a splash around the world and inspired fakes across the country made its debut Friday — but some complained that visitors had to pay to see it. The inflatable yellow bird, which ...

Taiwan president, party hit by scandal and rifts

Sep 13, 2013

Taiwan president, party hit by scandal and rifts

A widening political scandal is threatening to split Taiwan’s ruling party and potentially set back efforts to build closer economic ties with China. Recent allegations of influence-peddling by Taiwanese politicians, driven in part by investigators’ wiretaps of one lawmaker’s cellphone conversations, have stirred fear ...

Sep 9, 2013

Taiwan to ban blotchy skin whitener used by Kanebo

Taiwan will ban a skin-whitening chemical used by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. following consumer complaints of white blotches, health authorities said Monday. Lu Li-fu, spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration in Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, said the ban will take effect as ...

Aug 6, 2013

Japan falls to 1-3 in FIBA Asia Championship

by Ed Odeven

Former Osaka Evessa center Tseng Wen-ting scored a game-high 19 points and Lin Chih-chieh poured in 16 as Taiwan edged Japan 79-76 in Group E action at the FIBA Asia Championship on Tuesday in Manila. Japan slipped to 1-3 in the tournament, which serves ...

Aug 4, 2013

Thousands in Taiwan protest conscript's death

More than 100,000 Taiwanese people took to the streets Saturday in protest over the death of a young conscript who was allegedly abused in the military. Singing a Taiwanese take on the revolutionary song “Do you hear the people sing?” from the hit musical ...

Exhibit highlights Taiwan sex slaves

Aug 2, 2013

Exhibit highlights Taiwan sex slaves

by Keiji Hirano

A Tokyo museum focusing on wartime sex slavery is holding an exhibition on how Taiwanese women exploited by the Japanese military have struggled to recover from their ordeals. The Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace, better known as WAM, has collected documents and ...

Jul 24, 2013

Kanebo's Taiwan unit investigates complaints about skin products

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. in Taiwan said Wednesday it is looking into complaints by customers who experienced patchy whitening of their skin after using the firm’s products, including facial lotions. According to the company’s public relations specialist, Fiona Lin, 181 customers complained, with 123 cases ...

Jul 23, 2013

Taiwan government to use new wording for Japanese colonial period

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, or Cabinet, instructed all government agencies Monday to begin calling the 50-year Japanese colonial rule of the island as the “Japanese occupation period” in official documents. The announcement came ahead of an Education Ministry decision over whether to also change the ...

Whitener recall big blemish for Kanebo

Jul 5, 2013

Whitener recall big blemish for Kanebo

After its large-scale recall announcement of flagship skin-whitening products Thursday, Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. has been inundated with phone calls from customers while retailers were busy removing the products from their shelves. The cosmetics maker said it received 15,000 calls to a special toll-free service ...

China to mar visit, activist Chen fears

Jun 28, 2013

China to mar visit, activist Chen fears

by Ko Shu-Ling

Prominent Chinese human rights advocate Chen Guangcheng, who has lived in the United States since leaving China last year, said he expects China will try to interfere with his planned trip to Japan. “There is no doubt that an authoritarian regime exerts pressure, but ...

Jun 22, 2013

Entrepreneur to open Taiwan sake school

A Japanese entrepreneur will open a sake school in Taipei next month to educate Taiwanese about rice wine. Soji Hiraide, founder of the bar and grill chain Kanpai Co., said he’s always wanted to open a school. Nearly 15 years after opening his first ...