Beijing tightens screws on Taiwan's new president

May 8, 2016

Beijing tightens screws on Taiwan's new president


When Tsai Ing-wen becomes Taiwan’s president later this month, she will end a period of unprecedented rapprochement with rival Beijing — and China is already ramping up the pressure on her new government. Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is traditionally pro-independence and refuses to ...

May 3, 2016

Japan regrets Taiwanese decision to patrol Okinotorishima-based EEZ

Japan expressed regret over Taiwan’s decision to dispatch government vessels to patrol Japan’s self-declared exclusive economic zone around tiny Okinotorishima Island, the southernmost point of Japanese territory, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said Tuesday. Ministry spokeswoman, Eleanor Wang, said that Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida expressed ...

May 2, 2016

China airs two more confessions by Taiwan fraud suspects

Confessions by two more Taiwanese telecoms fraud suspects, from among dozens deported from Kenya to China last month, were aired by Chinese state television on Monday, appearing to back China’s contention that such crimes are lightly dealt with in Taiwan. The case, and subsequent ...

Apr 22, 2016

Taiwan wire fraud suspects have confessed, Chinese police say

A Chinese police official says all 45 Taiwanese wire fraud suspects detained in Beijing after their deportation from Kenya have confessed to their crimes and will be put on trial. The official Xinhua News Agency on Friday quoted Chen Shiqu of the Public Security ...

Enthusiastic artist gets granular with Taiwan's president-elect

Apr 21, 2016

Enthusiastic artist gets granular with Taiwan's president-elect

A Taiwan artist has refused to see the big picture and instead captured the likeness of president-elect Tsai Ing-wen, to celebrate her inauguration next month, on a single grain of rice. Chen Forng-Shean, who has also sculpted the face of China’s late Chairman Mao ...

Apr 18, 2016

China steps up war of words with Taiwan over fraud suspects

China on Monday stepped up its war of words with Taiwan after Taipei freed 20 suspects in a telecom fraud case linked to China, with state media accusing Taiwan of tolerating crime and being taken hostage by anti-Chinese forces. Malaysia had deported the 20 ...