Japan's lighthouse legacy lives on in Taiwan

Sep 14, 2016

Japan's lighthouse legacy lives on in Taiwan


In the summer of 1867, the American merchant vessel Rover, sailing north from southern China’s Guangdong Province, lost its way during a storm, drifted into waters off the southern coast of Taiwan, struck a reef, and sank. While the captain and crew of the ...

Sep 7, 2016

Renho again takes steps to renounce Taiwanese citizenship

Renho, acting leader of the main opposition force, the Democratic Party, submitted documents to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan on Tuesday in order to renounce her Taiwanese citizenship. Renho, one of three candidates in the DP leadership election on Sept. ...

Taiwan's tea entrepreneurs brew up new twists on tradition

Aug 21, 2016

Taiwan's tea entrepreneurs brew up new twists on tradition

Cheap instant “bubble tea” has become one of Taiwan’s best-known culinary exports. Now a new wave of entrepreneurs hopes a high-end modern take on traditional brews will also be sipped worldwide. Taiwan has been producing tea for more than 200 years, and a cup ...

Aug 16, 2016

Taiwan-related groups call Japan's Okinotorishima 'rocks'

Taiwan-related individuals and organizations are disputing Japan’s claims that Okinotorishima in the Pacific Ocean are islands. In an opinion ad published in Monday’s issue of Express, The Washington Post’s free daily, they said “rocks” such as Okinotorishima “cannot sustain human life” and should therefore ...

Aug 11, 2016

Taiwan police take aim at Pokemon gamers driven to distraction

The launch of the “Pokemon Go” game in Taiwan has sparked a sharp rise in traffic violations by commuters using their smartphones to play while driving. Authorities have issued 1,210 tickets for smartphone use in traffic between last Saturday, when the game was released ...