May 25, 2015

Turkey agrees on 'deal' with U.S. for air support of Syrian rebels

The United States and Turkey have agreed “in principle” to give air support to some forces from Syria’s mainstream opposition, Turkey’s foreign minister said, in what if confirmed could mark an expansion of U.S. involvement in the conflict. There was no immediate comment from ...

Syria 'accepting de facto partition' of country

| May 25, 2015

Syria 'accepting de facto partition' of country

Weakened by years of war, Syria’s government appears ready for the country’s de facto partition, defending strategically important areas and leaving much of the country to rebels and jihadis, experts and diplomats say. The strategy was in evidence last week with the army’s retreat ...

May 23, 2015

Obama stays the course despite Islamic State advances in Iraq and Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama’s war strategy failed to stop Islamic State jihadis from overrunning Ramadi but he appears reluctant to change course. The disastrous fall of the Iraqi city exposed the limits of Obama’s policy, experts say, highlighting the sectarian divisions in Iraqi society ...