Resurgent right hounds Asahi, liberal media

Dec 11, 2014

Resurgent right hounds Asahi, liberal media

by Kyoko Hasegawa

A chill wind is blowing through the media as a resurgent right pressures the country’s liberal voices in what analysts say is a threat to democracy as voters head to the polls for a general election. Cheered on by fringe groups, the mainstream right-wing ...

Dec 10, 2014

Apple to build research facility in Yokohama

Apple Inc. said Tuesday it will set up a research and development facility in Yokohama, expanding its operations in Japan from sales-oriented activities. “We are excited to expand our operations in Japan with a new Technical Development Center in Yokohama which will create dozens ...

Dec 9, 2014

Japan now at a crossroads

by Hazel Henderson

Japan has the opportunity in the Dec. 14 election to break away from its past obsession with measuring GDP growth. Voters can change the national scorecard to a system-wide view of infrastructural assets and quality of life.