Apr 12, 2016

Electile dysfunction: South Korea probes penis-pills-for-votes claim

Elderly men in South Korea have allegedly been given erectile dysfunction drugs to buy their votes in legislative elections, prosecutors said Tuesday, announcing an investigation into the suspected breach. South Koreans go to the polls on Wednesday in an election already overshadowed by North ...

France passes law that punishes prostitutes' clients

Apr 7, 2016

France passes law that punishes prostitutes' clients

French lawmakers on Wednesday approved a bill against prostitution and sex trafficking that bans buying sex, not selling it. Customers will face fines and be made to attend awareness classes on the harms of the sex trade. The legislation, which passed 64-12 in the ...

South Korea upholds tough anti-prostitution laws

Mar 31, 2016

South Korea upholds tough anti-prostitution laws

South Korea’s top court on Thursday upheld laws that toughened punishment on prostitutes, pimps and their clients. The 2004 legislation drove thousands of sex workers in traditional red-light zones out of business in South Korea, but prostitution has still thrived in the shadows. Sex ...

Mar 24, 2016

German Cabinet OKs prostitution bill requiring condom use

Germany’s Cabinet on Wednesday approved legislation meant to better control prostitution and make life safer for sex workers, a bill that includes making the use of condoms obligatory. Legislation in 2002 that legalized prostitution gave sex workers social benefits but led to an explosion ...