Aug 8, 2015

Japan, U.S. to conduct military drill for regaining remote island

Japan and the United States will conduct a joint military drill for regaining a remote island from late August through early September in California, the Defense Ministry’s Joint Staff Office said Friday. About 1,100 members of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces — 360 members of the ...

Jun 13, 2015

Beijing ponders drones for Senkaku surveillance duty

The Chinese military is weighing the regular use of unmanned aircraft to monitor the East China Sea, a move that may exacerbate tensions with Japan over the Senkaku Islands, a Chinese document on Beijing’s use of drones showed Friday. The document, compiled in October, ...

Police, Coast Guard hold first joint island defense drill

Jun 3, 2015

Police, Coast Guard hold first joint island defense drill

Police and the Japan Coast Guard held their first joint drill on handling an illegal landing by foreigners on a remote Japanese island, following the arrival of many suspected Chinese fishing boats in waters near Japan’s Ogasawara Islands last fall. The joint drill was ...