Mar 25, 2015

Broadening SDF missions abroad

An outline of a package of security legislation planned by the Abe administration fails to set clear restrictions on the scope of the Self-Defense Forces' overseas missions.

SDF's first NATO attache is female

Mar 25, 2015

SDF's first NATO attache is female

by Jun Nagata

Chizu Kurita is feeling the pressure of being the first Japanese officer to be dispatched to NATO headquarters in Brussels to strengthen ties between Japan and the U.S.-dominated military alliance, but sees “good opportunities” too. Lt. Col. Kurita of the Ground Self-Defense Force is ...

Feb 27, 2015

Chipping away at civilian control

The Abe administration plans to abolish a legal mechanism ensuring that high-ranking civilian officials of the Defense Ministry maintain authority over uniformed officers of the Self-Defense Forces.

Feb 25, 2015

Risky expansion of SDF missions

New Abe administration policies in the works appear to expand the scope of of SDF activities abroad to almost anything short of direct use of force.