Jun 24, 2014

Estimates of 2021 radiation doses predict drop-off in Fukushima

Radiation doses in parts of Fukushima Prefecture now deemed uninhabitable because of contamination will fall by over half by 2021, government estimates released Monday show. Annual doses per person would fall below 20 millisieverts if decontamination work is done, according to the estimates by ...

Jun 16, 2014

Dosimeter readings to guide radiation cleanup

The government will adjust decontamination operations near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant by changing how it selects land to scrub. The goal is to limit individual radiation exposure for residents to 1 millisievert. While decontamination work currently places priority on exposure estimates based ...

Photog returns home to chronicle Fukushima

Jun 14, 2014

Photog returns home to chronicle Fukushima

by Akiko Yamaguchi

As a photographer whose roots are in Fukushima, Tadao Mitome feels a duty to continue capturing images of the area to document the effects of the nuclear disaster triggered by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. On March 11 this year, the third ...

NRA reveals cesium readings for seabed off Fukushima No. 1

Jun 14, 2014

NRA reveals cesium readings for seabed off Fukushima No. 1

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has disclosed the results of its fiscal 2013 research into seabed radioactivity off the leaking, heavily damaged Fukushima No. 1 power station. Ocean soil collected about 6 km away from the crippled power plant, run by Tokyo Electric Power Co., ...

Jun 11, 2014

Trial decontamination work stumbles

Trial decontamination work in evacuated areas of Fukushima Prefecture has failed to reduce radiation levels to a point where residents can return to their homes, the Environment Ministry said Wednesday. Radiation levels were lowered by around 50 to 80 percent in test residential areas, ...

May 31, 2014

It might take 32 hours to exit Shimane in nuclear emergency

It could take as long as 32 hours to evacuate all residents within 30 km of the Shimane nuclear power plant if a severe accident occurs, the Shimane and Tottori prefectural governments estimated Friday. The estimate, presented at a meeting of the central government’s ...

NRA gives go-ahead to No. 1 ice wall

May 27, 2014

NRA gives go-ahead to No. 1 ice wall

The country’s nuclear watchdog has decided to allow Tokyo Electric Power Co. to start building an underground ice wall at the wrecked Fukushima No. 1 plant in June despite previous safety concerns.

May 20, 2014

ALPS water cleaner halted again

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Tuesday it has again suspended its trouble-plagued system for cleaning radiation-tainted water at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant. Tepco put its Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) on standby mode after it found processed water was cloudy instead of ...