N. Koreans cast ballots in 'festive' local elections

Jul 20, 2015

N. Koreans cast ballots in 'festive' local elections

State-controlled local elections in North Korea on Sunday saw a 99.97 percent voter participation rate, state media reported, in polls to elect new representatives put forward by the ruling party. Typically, 99 percent of North Korean voters in the de facto single-party state take ...

Controversial rockers Laibach to be first to tour North Korea

Jul 15, 2015

Controversial rockers Laibach to be first to tour North Korea

Slovenian retro-avantgarde rock group Laibach has said it will become the first foreign rock outfit to perform in North Korea this August, as the nation marks 70 years since liberation from Japanese colonial rule. Founded in 1980 in former Yugoslavia, Slovenia’s best-known music export ...

Jul 14, 2015

South Korea sends 2 North Korean fishermen back home

South Korea said Tuesday that it had sent back two North Korean fishermen rescued earlier this month from South Korean waters. The two fishermen were sent home through the border village of Panmunjom, where they were greeted by North Korean officials and relatives, said ...

Jul 14, 2015

Pyongyang installs bike lanes to cut down on accidents

North Korea has installed cycle lanes on major thoroughfares running through Pyongyang in an apparent bid to cut down on pedestrian accidents, as more people have the cash to spend on bicycles to get around. Bicycles are an expensive but popular mode of transport ...

Jul 13, 2015

North Korea media 'confirms purging of defense chief'

North Korea has officially confirmed the purging of its defense chief two months after Seoul’s spy service said he had been executed for disloyalty to leader Kim Jong Un, a South Korean official said Monday. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service told lawmakers in May ...

Jul 12, 2015

South Korea fires warning shots at North Korean soldiers

South Korean troops fired warning shots at North Korean soldiers who intruded in the buffer zone marking their heavily armed border, Seoul said Sunday, in the first such skirmish this year. The incident occurred Saturday morning when 10 North Korean soldiers crossed the border ...