Aug 23, 2016

Okinawa media union protests forcible removal of reporters

A group of labor unions for media in Okinawa Prefecture issued a statement of protest after two local newspaper reporters were forcibly removed by riot police while covering protests last week near a helipad construction site in a U.S. military training area. The act ...

Apr 18, 2016

Pulitzer Prizes mark 100th year with Monday's awards

The Pulitzer Prizes, established in 1917 with a bequest from trail-blazing publisher Joseph Pulitzer, are marking their 100th year on Monday with the announcement of the winners of what are regarded as the most prestigious awards in American journalism. The Pulitzers recognize excellence in ...

Feb 18, 2016

More Japanese are early birds, fewer read newspapers: survey

Japanese are getting more active in the early morning, according to a survey by NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute. The survey, which is conducted every five years, is used as a reference for programming at both the TV and radio arms of NHK. In ...

Stop the presses, Yahoo News is on a roll

| Oct 3, 2015

Stop the presses, Yahoo News is on a roll


The Yomiuri Shimbun boasts that it is the most-read newspaper in the world owing to a “certified” daily circulation that tops 9.2 million. The Wall Street Journal, a truly international newspaper, reports daily circulation of about 1.5 million. These figures represent physical copies, but ...