Jan 22, 2015

Testing elderly drivers for dementia

The National Police Agency will propose a revision to the traffic law to have drivers at least 75 years old who are suspected of suffering from senile dementia submit a medical certificate to the police indicating whether they should be allowed to keep driving.

Jan 11, 2015

Police deem over 2 million emergency calls 'unsuitable'

An urgent request for police assistance because there was no toilet paper in a public bathroom and a complaint that a vending machine had failed to return the correct change were but two examples of over 200 million emergency calls deemed “unsuitable” for response ...

Dec 4, 2014

Security report names anti-Korean group Zaitokukai for first time

An annual security report issued by the National Police Agency on Wednesday describes the anti-Korean group Zaitokukai as “one of the rightist civic groups operating based on radical nationalistic and anti-foreigner assertions.” The report warned that the group, which is campaigning for the abolition ...

Aug 20, 2014

Traffic deaths at record low over Bon

Police data show this year’s Bon summer holiday period was the safest in terms of the number of traffic deaths. The death toll came to 93, down by nine from a year before, falling below 100 for the first time since records began in ...

Aug 11, 2014

Next, conversation monitoring

The National Police Agency's white paper for 2014 stresses the need for police to consider conversation monitoring — as distinguished from "ordinary" communications interception — as a new means of investigation.

Aug 6, 2014

Panel urges tougher penaties for stalking

An expert panel commissioned by the National Police Agency called Tuesday for tougher punishment on stalking, as well as a ban on loitering around victims and stalking behavior that uses social networking sites. Following the panel’s proposals made in a report, the NPA plans ...

41 deaths caused by 'dangerous drugs' in Japan since 2012

Aug 5, 2014

41 deaths caused by 'dangerous drugs' in Japan since 2012

At least 41 people are suspected to have died from using “dangerous drugs” since 2012, a National Police Agency official said. The figure, which does not include deaths caused by traffic accidents, covers unnatural deaths at sites where “dangerous drugs,” which is the term ...