Sep 19, 2016

British baron's daughter dies in Philippine drug war

A daughter of the late British baron Lord Moynihan has been killed in the Philippines where the government is waging a deadly war on drugs, police said Monday. Maria Aurora Moynihan, 45, was shot by unknown attackers who left her by the side of ...

Sep 13, 2016

Death sentence upheld for killer of five in rural Japan

The Hiroshima High Court on Tuesday upheld the death penalty for a 66-year-old man convicted of killing five neighbors and setting fire to two of their homes in a remote community in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 2013. In July last year, the Yamaguchi District Court ...

With Duterte, hard to separate intentions from bluster

Aug 31, 2016

With Duterte, hard to separate intentions from bluster

Whether Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte aims to shock, inspire or just amuse, deciphering his blunt and often unpredictable rhetoric is a potential challenge for investors seeking policy clarity from the new leader. When it comes to the war on illegal drugs, events have unfolded ...