Jan 19, 2016

Cosmo Energy to be first Japanese energy firm to import U.S. oil

Cosmo Energy Holdings Co. will begin importing crude oil from the United States in mid-February, becoming the first Japanese firm to do so after the U.S. government lifted a four-decade ban on oil exports in December, industry officials said Tuesday. Washington’s move increases Japan’s ...

Japan set to get more LNG than it needs

Dec 3, 2015

Japan set to get more LNG than it needs

The nation is probably set to receive more LNG than it needs, potentially forcing some purchasers in the world’s biggest user of the fuel to resell cargoes and add to a glut. Liquefied natural gas volumes contracted by Japanese buyers may exceed their combined ...

Sep 21, 2015

Eco-car subsidies to be scaled back in FY 2016

The industry ministry plans to scale down the existing subsidy program for purchases of eco-friendly vehicles from fiscal 2016, as such vehicles have become relatively common and prices have dropped, ministry officials said last week. In its fiscal 2016 budget request, the ministry asked ...

METI hopes 'Wonder 500' will catch on overseas

Aug 27, 2015

METI hopes 'Wonder 500' will catch on overseas


The industry ministry Thursday unveiled 500 undiscovered fine goods from rural areas that they will target for overseas promotion. Japan’s regional areas have many specialities created by small firms that have the potential to become popular overseas. But it is difficult for them to ...

Aug 24, 2015

Japan charts road to industrialization for Mekong region

Japan and the five Southeast Asian countries bordering the Mekong River adopted a blueprint Monday to boost industrialization in the subregion. The blueprint, known as “The Mekong Industrial Development Vision,” got the thumbs-up during a meeting between Japan’s Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry ...