Apr 22, 2016

Mali arrests alleged planner of deadly November hotel assault

Mali’s intelligence service says it has arrested a Mauritanian man behind a deadly attack on a luxury hotel in the capital, Bamako, last November. The General Directorate of State Security said in a statement late Thursday that the man, identified as Fawaz Ould Ahmeida, ...

U.N. war crimes court gets Timbuktu monuments case

Feb 28, 2016

U.N. war crimes court gets Timbuktu monuments case

Prosecutors on Tuesday will unveil charges against an alleged al-Qaida-linked Islamist accused of destroying monuments at the fabled city of Timbuktu in an unprecedented case before the world’s only permanent war crimes court. Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi will be the first jihadi to appear before ...

'Timbuktu' reflects on Malian lives touched by radical Islam

Dec 30, 2015

'Timbuktu' reflects on Malian lives touched by radical Islam


It’s common for local distributors to resort to some dubious tactics when promoting foreign films in Japan: Worthy arthouse flicks are routinely saddled with tawdry Japanese titles, or slushy trailers more befitting of a Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Yet there’s something particularly unfortunate about the ...

Dec 28, 2015

North Mali Islamic extremists kill at least 15 Tuaregs

Islamic extremist in Mali’s north have killed at least 15 people in two attacks in the Kidal region near the border with Algeria, a jihadi group and resident said. Militants with the Ansar Dine extremist group killed 11 people in an attack on Tuareg ...

Nov 29, 2015

Three dead in rocket attack on U.N. base in north Mali

Two U.N. peacekeepers from Guinea and a civilian contractor were killed Saturday in a rocket attack on a U.N. base in northeastern Mali claimed by the jihadi Ansar Dine group, a week after a deadly siege at a Bamako hotel shocked the country. The ...