Apr 24, 2016

Insufficient electoral reform

The ruling coalition needs to explain why the nation is still being kept waiting for the fundamental reform needed to correct the gross disparity in vote values.

Apr 19, 2016

After quakes, Japan is expected to delay TPP approval

The Diet is expected to defer ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact until after the current legislative session, as the government is giving top priority to responding to the powerful earthquakes in Kyushu.

Poll shows close race in Hokkaido by-election

Apr 18, 2016

Poll shows close race in Hokkaido by-election

The ruling and opposition parties are in a close fight in one of the two Lower House by-elections next Sunday that are being viewed as a prelude to this summer’s Upper House election. The Hokkaido No. 5 single-seat district is being contested by a ...