May 9, 2014

Lawyers blast LDP bid to tweak Sunagawa ruling

by Tomohiro Osaki

A group of lawyers released a statement Friday expressing outrage over the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s recent move to “forcibly” interpret a high-profile 1959 Supreme Court ruling to justify its claim that Japan is allowed to wield the right to collective self-defense. The ruling ...

May 8, 2014

New LDP delegation set to meet China's No. 4 leader on Friday

A group of lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party will meet with Yu Zhengsheng, the fourth-highest ranking member of the Communist Party of China, on Friday as the two countries work to repair bilateral relations badly damaged by territorial and historical issues. Former ...

Apr 10, 2014

DPJ exec backs LDP's 'limited' collective defense plan

A Democratic Party of Japan official told reporters in Washington on Wednesday that the major opposition party should support the proposal on legalizing Japan’s “limited” use of the right to collective self-defense. DPJ Deputy Secretary-General Akihisa Nagashima was referring to the proposal made late ...