Could nuclear advocacy be Abe's undoing?

| Oct 29, 2016

Could nuclear advocacy be Abe's undoing?


Voters have elected anti-nuclear governors in Kagoshima and Niigata prefectures in recent months. These elections can be considered referenda on nuclear power because that issue was the main focus of debate in both campaigns. The results have put Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — and ...

Oct 25, 2016

LDP to extend leader's maximum tenure to nine years

The Liberal Democratic Party plans to extend its presidential term limit to three consecutive three-year terms, a senior party member said Tuesday, meaning Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could still be in office for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Current party rules limit LDP presidents to ...

Oct 21, 2016

Another snap election?

Prime Minister Abe should consider whether yet another election is in the interests of voters — especially if it's to be held with the disparity in the value of votes between constituencies uncorrected.