Mar 26, 2014

Japan's ruling party calls for more foreign workers

A panel of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party issued an interim report Wednesday calling on the government to boost the number of foreign workers in the country. To accomplish this, the Headquarters for Japan’s Economic Revitalization is pushing for improvements in the on-the-job training ...

Mar 25, 2014

Japan's ruling bloc approves new rules on arms exports

The ruling parties approved new guidelines on arms exports Tuesday, setting the stage for the first major overhaul in nearly 50 years of the country’s arms embargo policy. The Cabinet is expected to approve the guidelines next week, while concerns remain that Japan’s status ...

Feb 26, 2014

Komeito hits Cabinet defense ploy

by Ayako Mie

Differences between the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito are surfacing over collective self-defense, in which conservative Prime Minister Shin­zo Abe aims to reverse a long-held pacifist principle by Cabinet decision only.

Feb 18, 2014

LDP wants government in charge of retrieving troops' bodies

A panel belonging to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has mapped out an action plan on the retrieval of remains of Japanese soldiers who died overseas in the last war, seeking legislation to oblige the government to do the work. The legislation, which will ...

Jan 31, 2014

Utilities lobbying LDP to support new nuclear plants

The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan is lobbying politicians in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to support the construction of new nuclear power plants, sources said Friday. The federation’s lobbying comes as the ruling party works on drafting a new national energy ...