Aug 27, 2015

National lawyers' group joins opposition to security bills

Japan’s national bar association has thrown its weight behind the growing opposition to security bills that could pave the way for the Self-Defense Forces to engage in combat for the first time since World War II. Hundreds of demonstrators, including members of the 36,000-strong ...

Jul 26, 2015

Bar federation condemns China's detention of lawyers

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations has condemned the recent detention of hundreds of human rights lawyers in China. In a statement Friday, the federation said it is “deeply concerned” by the reported mass detentions. The text was issued in the name of the ...

Jul 15, 2015

Ban on possession of child porn takes effect in Japan

Japan finally moved to ban the possession of pornographic photos and videos of children on Wednesday, amid growing international criticism as the only Group of Seven industrialized country that had not passed a law on the matter. After the Diet amended the law on ...

Jan 21, 2015

Tough times for law schools

The slashing of overnment subsidies to underperforming law schools could lead to a dearth of legal education opportunities outside large metropolitan areas.