Jun 5, 2013

At-risk woman denied abortion, has C-section to deliver nonviable baby

In a case that has garnered global attention, doctors performed a cesarean section Monday on a chronically ill Salvadoran woman denied an abortion despite her high-risk pregnancy, an official said. The 22-year-old was in stable condition after undergoing a C-section in the early afternoon, ...

Chavez's 'son' wins election

| Apr 16, 2013

Chavez's 'son' wins election

Venezuela’s acting President Nicolas Maduro rose from bus driver to union activist and foreign minister, and now the man who calls himself Hugo Chavez’s “son” has succeeded his mentor in Sunday’s election. Named by Chavez as his political heir, Maduro ran a campaign that ...

Brazil dams Amazon to feed energy-hungry economy

Feb 11, 2013

Brazil dams Amazon to feed energy-hungry economy

When it is completed in 2015, the Jirau hydroelectric dam will span the Madeira River, feature more giant turbines than any other dam in the world and hold as much concrete as 47 towers the size of New York’s Empire State Building. And then ...

Jan 28, 2013

Pacific Alliance shows growing clout

Spain’s bid to join the Pacific Alliance illustrates the growing clout of the trade association between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, a new rival to the South American trading bloc Mercosur. In an interview with Santiago daily La Tercera, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy ...