Apr 7, 2015

Iraqi leader says 'only' 152 homes, shops burned in Tikrit offensive

Iraq’s prime minister said Monday that “only” 152 homes and shops were burned in Tikrit, where pro-government forces have been accused of carrying out abuses after retaking the city. Haider al-Abadi did not specify who burned the structures or when the fires took place, ...

Apr 6, 2015

A nuclear deal, and much more

If the nuclear deal with Tehran succeeds, it will remove a source of great instability in the Middle East and could facilitate Iran's building of a new relationship with the rest of the world.

Apr 4, 2015

Iraqi prime minister orders arrest of gangs looting in Tikrit

by Baghdad

Sunni politicians said looting raged out of control in Tikrit on Friday, hours after Iraq’s prime minister called on security forces to arrest anyone breaking the law after the city had been wrested back from Islamic State militants. The rampage of theft and burning ...