Iraqi forces wage psychological war using jihadi corpses

Feb 7, 2017

Iraqi forces wage psychological war using jihadi corpses

The flyblown corpses of Islamic State group militants have been rotting along a main street in north Mosul for two weeks, a health risk for passers-by. Suicide bombers’ belts beside the fighters can still explode, killing anyone nearby. But the Iraqi Army has no ...

Feb 3, 2017

Iran bans travel of U.S. wrestlers to Iran

Iran on Friday banned U.S. wrestlers from participating in the Freestyle World Cup competition this month in response to President Donald Trump’s executive order forbidding visas for Iranians, the official IRNA news agency reported. A senior Iranian cleric vowed, meanwhile, that his country would ...

Feb 1, 2017

Iranian general acknowledges missile test

Iran’s defense minister said Wednesday that his country recently carried out a missile test, days after the White House said it was looking into reports of an Iranian ballistic missile launch that may have contravened a U.N. resolution. Gen. Hossein Dehghan was quoted by ...