Mixed ruling partially favors Apple in Samsung patent case

May 19, 2015

Mixed ruling partially favors Apple in Samsung patent case

Apple Inc was handed a mixed ruling by a U.S. appeals court in the latest twist in a blockbuster intellectual property battle with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., as a prior patent infringement verdict was upheld but a trademark finding that the iPhone’s appearance could ...

Apple has hundreds working on secret project to create car

Feb 14, 2015

Apple has hundreds working on secret project to create car

Apple Inc. has a secret lab working on the creation of an Apple-branded electric car, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing people familiar with the matter. The project has designed a vehicle that looks like a minivan, the newspaper quoted one person as ...

Feb 12, 2015

Smartphone kill switches credited with stifling theft

Kill switches that render stolen smartphones useless were credited on Wednesday with stifling robberies and thefts in London, New York City and San Francisco. In London, the number of reports of smartphones being stolen from people dropped 40 percent last year, after kill switches ...

Selfie sticks: useful or narcissi-stick?

Jan 12, 2015

Selfie sticks: useful or narcissi-stick?

Selfies at tourist attractions are nothing new. But until recently, if you wanted a perfectly composed picture of yourself with Times Square or the Colosseum in the background, you might have asked a passer-by to take the photo. Now, though, relatively new gadgets called ...

BlackBerry launches Classic in last-ditch effort

Dec 18, 2014

BlackBerry launches Classic in last-ditch effort

BlackBerry is returning to its roots with a new phone that features a traditional keyboard at a time when rival Apple and Android phones — and most smartphone customers — have embraced touch screens. With the Classic, BlackBerry is courting its core customer, the ...

Dec 10, 2014

Apple to build research facility in Yokohama

Apple Inc. said Tuesday it will set up a research and development facility in Yokohama, expanding its operations in Japan from sales-oriented activities. “We are excited to expand our operations in Japan with a new Technical Development Center in Yokohama which will create dozens ...

Oct 28, 2014

Apple Pay draws 1 million subscribers, CEO says

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple’s new mobile payment system had over 1 million activations in the first three days after it became available, and is now more widely used than any competing payment system. “We’re already No. 1. We’re more than the total ...

Oct 21, 2014

Apple profits jump 13% on back of strong iPhone 6 sales

The new big-screen iPhones helped propel Apple’s profit and revenue in the past quarter, as the California tech giant delivered stronger-than-expected results. Profit rose 13 percent to $8.5 billion, as revenues jumped to $42.1 billion in the fiscal fourth quarter ending September 27, the ...