Deadly U.S. shooting becomes ghoulish Internet hit

Aug 27, 2015

Deadly U.S. shooting becomes ghoulish Internet hit

It almost looked like a first-person shooter video game: A handgun in a man’s grasp comes into view. A woman appears in the gunman’s sights. Shots are fired. But this was no game. It was the chilling video by a killer of him stalking ...

Aug 24, 2015

Ashley Madison hack sends shivers through hook-up, porn sites

Larry Flynt, a defender of free speech and sexual freedom if there ever was one, has this advice for anyone worried by the hack of infidelity site Ashley Madison: Muzzle yourself. “Don’t do or say anything you wouldn’t want to read about on the ...

Aug 22, 2015

Industry ministry to seek ¥116 billion to promote innovation

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to request ¥116.6 billion for projects to promote innovation under the government’s fiscal 2016 budget, more than 2½ times the amount earmarked under the 2015 budget, it was learned Friday. Among such projects are those to ...

Aug 20, 2015

Arrest warrant issued for founder of FC2 video-sharing website

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for the 41-year-old founder of FC2 Inc., a U.S.-based video-sharing site mainly targeted at Japanese viewers, on suspicion of distributing indecent materials, investigative sources said Thursday. The sources said the FC2 founder is suspected of having uploaded indecent ...

Google touts its first wireless router

Aug 19, 2015

Google touts its first wireless router

Google is making a Wi-Fi router as part of its ambition to provide better Internet connections that make it easier for people to access its digital services and see more of its online advertising. Pre-orders for the $199 wireless router, called OnHub, can be ...

Aug 11, 2015

Couples who sext have better sex: study

Couples who send each other sexually suggestive or explicit images by phone, commonly known as “sexting,” have better sex, according to a study presented to a psychology convention in Toronto. The practice is often portrayed as risky, yet American researchers found it is widespread ...