Citizen journalism given a boost

Mar 29, 2015

Citizen journalism given a boost

by Rob Lever

When three buildings collapsed and ignited a blaze in New York on Thursday, a smartphone app brought the live video feed to anyone online wanting to watch. The disaster took place, coincidentally, the same day as the launch of Twitter’s new livestream app Periscope, ...

NHK beats commercial TV stations to simulcast punch

| Mar 23, 2015

NHK beats commercial TV stations to simulcast punch

by Atsushi Kodera

NHK’s announcement earlier this month that it will start trial simultaneous broadcasts of its programming on the Internet signaled a new era in TV broadcasting. Commercial broadcasters, which have yet to offer such services and are thus intimidated by the giant public broadcaster’s move, ...

Mar 18, 2015

North Korea Web outage was reprisal for Sony hack, U.S. lawmaker says

A December blackout of North Korea’s Internet was retaliation for that nation’s hacking of computers at Sony Corp.’s Hollywood studio, a top U.S. lawmaker on cybersecurity issues said without identifying who was responsible. Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, the Republican chairman of the House ...

Mar 17, 2015

Thai women warned against taking 'underboob selfies'

Thailand’s military government warned women on Monday against posting “selfie” photos of the lower half of their breasts — a social media trend that has gone viral — saying their actions could violate the country’s computer crime laws. Thailand’s 2007 Computer Crimes Act bans ...

Chinese 'cyberdissident' takes farmers' land fight online

Mar 15, 2015

Chinese 'cyberdissident' takes farmers' land fight online

He spent years in prison for running one of China’s few websites dedicated to reporting human rights abuses. But now authorities appreciate his coverage, Huang Qi said as his smartphone buzzed with fresh news of injustice. His website, 64 Tianwang, named in part after ...

Mar 12, 2015

NPA receives record 370,000 reports of 'dubious financial deals'

Police received a record 377,513 reports of “dubious financial transactions,” such as money laundering, from financial institutions in 2014, the National Police Agency said Thursday. The figure rose 8.1 percent from the previous year and police identified 1,001 criminal cases from the reports, up ...