Olympic shooters thrust into gun-control debate

Jul 27, 2016

Olympic shooters thrust into gun-control debate


Kim Rhode sees the news on television or social media. Another mass shooting, in Aurora, San Bernardino, Newtown, Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge. For the two-time Olympic gold medalist shotgun shooter, what comes next has become routine. “I just wait for my phone to ring,” ...

Jun 13, 2016

Orlando massacre renews call by some in Congress for gun controls

The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history prompted calls on Sunday by some members of Congress for legislation to tighten control of weapons sales, although there are slim hopes for much change after 50 people were killed at a Florida nightclub. Democratic Sen. Robert ...

Mar 10, 2016

Police seized 63 guns from yakuza groups in 2015

The number of guns seized from yakuza organized crime groups in Japan in 2015 fell by 41 from the previous year to 63, the lowest since the seizure data was made available in 1967, it was learned Thursday. Police confiscated 16 guns from Yamaguchi-gumi, ...