Jan 5, 2016

Toyota joins Ford against Apple-Google car screen dominance

Toyota Motor Corp. agreed to use a car-phone connectivity system championed by Ford Motor Co. in a bid to keep Apple Inc. and Google from dominating control of dashboards. Toyota will introduce a telematics system with Ford’s SmartDeviceLink, an open platform that the automakers ...

'Mini Beyonce' dancer, 4, bags YouTube's '15 crown

Dec 10, 2015

'Mini Beyonce' dancer, 4, bags YouTube's '15 crown

A video of 4-year-old dancer known as Heaven King, sometimes called a “mini Beyonce,” was the most viewed item of the year on YouTube, the Google-owned service said Wednesday. The music video featuring the girl and her dance crew performing choreography to rapper Silento’s ...

Nov 26, 2015

Google gets 348,085 'forget' requests in Europe since court ruling

Internet giant Google said Wednesday it has received 348,085 requests for select search results to be “forgotten” in Europe, with users in France and Germany leading the way. Since a European Court of Justice ruling in May 2014 recognizing the “right to be forgotten” ...

Nov 15, 2015

Google seeks to influence AI research by giving software away

Google wants to set the standard on artificial intelligence. The Web company, seeking to influence how people design, test and run artificial-intelligence systems, is making its internal AI development software available for free. The program, called TensorFlow, is now open-source software. It is based ...

Tag Heuer, Intel, Google boast $1,500 'world's smartest luxury watch'

Nov 10, 2015

Tag Heuer, Intel, Google boast $1,500 'world's smartest luxury watch'

A leading Swiss watchmaker and two technology titans have combined forces to produce a computerized wristwatch billed as the “world’s smartest luxury watch.” Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver said his company has been building mechanical watches for 155 years but knew little about building ...