New smartphones may soon sense everything around you

Jun 9, 2016

New smartphones may soon sense everything around you

Suppose your smartphone is clever enough to grasp your physical surroundings — the room’s size, the location of doors and windows and the presence of other people. What could it do with that info? We are about to get our first look. On Thursday, ...

May 30, 2016

Toyota reportedly mulling buying Google's robotics unit

Toyota Motor Corp. is in talks to buy Boston Dynamics, a robotics unit of Google Inc., news website Tech Insider has reported. Terms for the deal are not known, but Tech Insider quoted a source familiar with the matter as saying that the ink ...

May 27, 2016

Jury sides with Google against Oracle in battle over Android software

Google’s Android software just dodged a $9 billion bullet. A federal jury found Thursday that Google didn’t need permission to use a rival’s programming tools as it built Android — now the world’s leading smartphone operating software and a key part of Google’s multibillion ...

May 20, 2016

Google patent glues pedestrians to self-driving cars

Google on Thursday had a fresh U.S. patent for a sticky coating that could be applied to self-driving cars so pedestrians stick instead of bouncing off when hit. The patent describes a layer of adhesive on a car’s hood, front bumper and possibly front ...

Google echoes Amazon's Echo, opens new virtual-reality door

May 19, 2016

Google echoes Amazon's Echo, opens new virtual-reality door

Google wants to play an even bigger role in managing people’s daily lives, while also nudging them into an alternate reality, as the Internet company responds to competitive threats posed by Facebook, Amazon and Apple. As part of an onslaught of upcoming products, Google ...

May 14, 2016

Philadelphia police van is disguised as Google Maps vehicle

Philadelphia police officers attached a large Google Maps logo to a surveillance van in an apparent attempt to disguise it as one of the company’s street-filming cars. Police spokesman Lt. John Stanford said Friday that no one was authorized by the department to place ...