Mar 15, 2016

Google's AlphaGo gets 'divine' go ranking

Google’s artificial intelligence program AlphaGo has been awarded the highest go grandmaster rank, reserved for those whose ability at the ancient board game borders on “divinity,” South Korea’s Go Association said Tuesday. The association announced the award before the final game of AlphaGo’s five-match ...

Alphabet comes before Apple as world's most valuable company

Feb 2, 2016

Alphabet comes before Apple as world's most valuable company

Alphabet now comes before Apple atop the list of the world’s most valuable companies. The shift occurred in Monday’s extended trading after Alphabet, Google’s new parent company, released a fourth-quarter earnings report that highlighted the robust growth of the digital ad market. Apple Inc.’s ...

Jan 5, 2016

Toyota joins Ford against Apple-Google car screen dominance

Toyota Motor Corp. agreed to use a car-phone connectivity system championed by Ford Motor Co. in a bid to keep Apple Inc. and Google from dominating control of dashboards. Toyota will introduce a telematics system with Ford’s SmartDeviceLink, an open platform that the automakers ...