Dec 19, 2014

Google planning built-in Android system for cars

Google is laying the groundwork for a version of Android that will be built directly into cars, sources said, allowing drivers to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet without even plugging in their smartphones. The move is a major step up from Google’s ...

Forced to pay for content, Google News closes in Spain

Dec 17, 2014

Forced to pay for content, Google News closes in Spain

U.S. giant Google on Tuesday shut down its popular online news service in Spain in protest over a new law that would make it pay for content. “We’re incredibly sad to announce that, due to recent changes in Spanish law, we have removed Spanish ...

Dec 4, 2014

Britain slaps new 25% 'Google tax' on multinationals

The British government on Wednesday slapped a new tax rate on multinational companies that seek to avoid paying their fair share to Treasury coffers. The levy — nicknamed the “Google tax” because of the high number of technology firms seeking to avoid tax — ...

Nov 28, 2014

Breaking up Google is hard to do, EU says

Break up Google? It is unlikely to happen, no matter what 384 European Union lawmakers say, according to ministers and officials. Members of the EU parliament in Strasbourg, France, voted 384-174 for the European Commission — which is investigating Google for possible antitrust violations ...

Spoon from Google steadies hand tremors

Nov 27, 2014

Spoon from Google steadies hand tremors

Google is throwing its money, brainpower and technology at the humble spoon. Using hundreds of algorithms, the spoons allow people with essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease to eat without spilling. The technology senses how a hand is shaking and makes instant adjustments to stay ...

Nov 22, 2014

EU Parliament mulls breaking up Google to curb its dominance in search

The European Parliament is preparing a nonbinding resolution that proposes splitting Google Inc.’s search engine operations in Europe from the rest of its business as one option to rein in the Internet company’s dominance in the search market. European politicians have grown increasingly concerned ...

Nov 21, 2014

Google tests replacing web ads with contributions

Google on Thursday began rolling out a way for people to support websites they frequent and, in return, be rewarded with ad-free pages. A “Google Contributor” experiment was introduced with a handful of partners including tech news website Mashable and satire site The Onion. ...

Iwate taps Google's 'Ingress' to boost tourism

Nov 17, 2014

Iwate taps Google's 'Ingress' to boost tourism

by Shusuke Murai

Since it was introduced, Google’s location-based game “Ingress” has engrossed many Japanese smartphone users, and officials in Iwate Prefecture have found it to be a great tool to boost tourism. “By using ‘Ingress,’ we expect to publicize Iwate’s notable sightseeing spots and reconstruction sites ...