Jul 23, 2016

Canadian teens playing 'Pokemon Go' cross border, are detained

U.S. Border Patrol officials say two Canadian teenagers were briefly apprehended after they accidentally crossed the border into Montana while playing the game “Pokemon Go.” Border Patrol Agent John South says the teens were engrossed and wandered into the United States. Agents detained them ...

Jul 12, 2016

'Pokemon Go' developer plans wider debut 'as soon as possible'

The global rollout of “Pokemon Go” is being held back by the unexpected popularity of the game, which has shot to the top of download charts since it debuted less than a week ago. Niantic Inc., which developed “Pokemon Go” with Nintendo Co. and ...

Traditionalists battling to revive Myanmar's ancient chess

May 30, 2016

Traditionalists battling to revive Myanmar's ancient chess

Gripping a monkey-faced chess piece, Thein Zaw swipes his hand across the checkerboard and topples an advancing demon, demonstrating an ancient form of the game that Myanmar traditionalists are battling to revive. “Sittuyin,” as Myanmar’s unique chess is called, is similar to the modern ...