Nov 27, 2015

Destruction of Brazil's Amazon jumps 16 percent in 2015

The destruction of Brazil’s Amazon forest, the world’s largest intact rain forest, increased by 16 percent in 2015 from a year ago as the government struggles to enforce legislation and stop illegal clearings. Satellite data for the 12 months through the end of July ...

Oct 29, 2015

Rains clear smog in Southeast Asia

Rain and favorable winds have brought clear skies to vast areas of Southeast Asia stricken for weeks by hazardous smoke from Indonesian fires, with officials expressing hope Thursday that the crisis could end soon. Parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore enjoyed the cleanest air ...

Oct 29, 2015

Loss of big animals' dung has transformed Earth: study

The loss of big animals to over-hunting and human-driven pollution has meant a drastic drop in dung, which is critical to nourishing the Earth, researchers say. Restoring the populations of large mammals and sea creatures through conservation could help fight the damage being caused ...

'Worst haze in a decade' blankets southern Thailand

Oct 22, 2015

'Worst haze in a decade' blankets southern Thailand

Dense haze produced by Indonesian forest fires has caused some of the worst pollution levels in southern Thailand in a decade, officials said Thursday, resulting in delayed flights in an area popular with tourists. For nearly two months, thousands of fires caused by slash-and-burn ...

Oct 2, 2015

Indonesia forest fires could become worst on record: NASA

Forest fires blanketing Southeast Asia in choking haze are on track to become among the worst on record, scientists warn, with a prolonged dry season hampering efforts to curb the crisis. Malaysia, Singapore and large expanses of Indonesia have suffered for weeks from acrid ...

Sep 24, 2015

New study finds trees may be 'on strike' against global warming

Trees, crucial absorbers of climate-harming carbon dioxide gas, may finally be balking at an ever-earlier spring brought on by global warming, researchers said Wednesday. Over the past several decades, trees across central Europe have been steadily sprouting their spring leaves earlier in response to ...

Cost of fighting U.S. wildfires could set a record

Sep 5, 2015

Cost of fighting U.S. wildfires could set a record

The battle against wildfires sweeping across the drought-stricken western United States, mobilizing 30,000 firefighters, could be the costliest on record with over $1.2 billion spent so far, officials say. Last week alone, a record $243 million was spent fighting more than 40 massive wildfires, ...

Lake Baikal area under threat from wildfires

Sep 4, 2015

Lake Baikal area under threat from wildfires

Raging wildfires have turned the shores of the world’s largest freshwater lake in Siberia into an inferno, threatening the health and livelihood of locals and raising questions about Russia’s ability to protect its natural heritage. Critics have blamed authorities’ slow response for allowing the ...

Aug 21, 2015

Study: Humans hunt, fish at 'extreme' pace

Humans are “superpredators” that upset the natural balance on Earth by killing far too many adult animals and fish, scientists said Thursday, urging a focus on catching fewer and smaller creatures. People tend to kill adult fish at 14 times the rate of marine ...