Rising anger in Thailand's boom-to-bust northeast

Oct 5, 2015

Rising anger in Thailand's boom-to-bust northeast

The rural heartland of Thailand’s deposed leader Yingluck Shinawatra and her exiled billionaire brother Thaksin is hurting as a result of the military government’s economic policies, stirring discontent and the threat of protests. The removal of generous agricultural subsidies has left rice farmers in ...

Aug 30, 2015

Japan to set guidelines for farm drone use

Japan’s agriculture ministry is considering setting rules for how drones can be using in farming amid a recent upsurge of interest by the sector in the technology, according to officials in the agency. Compared with the unmanned helicopters currently used in agricultural work, such ...

Aug 25, 2015

Farm ministry to request 14.8% rise in 2016 budget

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will seek ¥2.65 trillion in its budget request for fiscal 2016, up 14.8 percent from its initial budget for the previous year, according to informed sources. For the year starting next April, the ministry will request ¥458.8 ...

Aug 13, 2015

Japan to help Vietnam with agricultural production through consumption

Japan and Vietnam on Wednesday adopted an action program involving assistance from Japanese public and private sectors to help boost production in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and food industries in the Southeast Asian nation. Starting this year, the five-year program is aimed at establishing ...

'Farmland bank' program off to a slow start

Aug 6, 2015

'Farmland bank' program off to a slow start

The government is to set to give more teeth to a “farmland bank” program aimed at boosting the competitiveness of Japan’s agricultural sector. The program is designed to consolidate small and scattered plots of farmland through “farmland banks” set up by all 47 prefectural ...

| Aug 3, 2015

Let's discuss rice and the TPP

Japan is proposing to set a 70,000-ton tariff-free import quota for U.S. rice in bilateral talks for a Pacific free trade agreement, in return for maintaining a high tariff on the country's staple food.

May 5, 2015

Australia chided over migrant labor abuse

Australia faced growing calls Tuesday to crackdown on the exploitation of migrants laboring in farms and factories after a television investigation claimed foreigners toiled in conditions akin to “slave labor.” Using footage from secret cameras, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation found migrants were being paid ...

Growers vie to produce Japan's tastiest, best-looking strawberry

Mar 31, 2015

Growers vie to produce Japan's tastiest, best-looking strawberry

Growers are vying to become the nation’s top strawberry brand as demand rises at home and abroad, and amid efforts to promote local produce and stimulate prefectural economies. Often bought as a gift for weddings, birthdays or parties, strawberries can command high prices in ...

Feb 26, 2015

Sewage sludge tapped for farming in ministry vegetable campaign

The infrastructure ministry is leading a project to produce tasty vegetables using sludge and water from sewage treatment plants. At a tasting event held by promoters of the Bistro Gesuido (sewage) project in Tokyo in December, housewives praised the taste of tomatoes and oranges ...