Feb 3, 2015

Obama weighs sending lethal assistance to Ukraine

President Barack Obama is reconsidering his opposition to giving Ukraine defensive weapons and other lethal aid to help its struggling military repel Russian-backed rebels, a possible escalation that has had strong support from many in his national security team. The shift suggests the White ...

Ukraine: Phone calls prove rebels attacked city, killed 30

Jan 26, 2015

Ukraine: Phone calls prove rebels attacked city, killed 30

Intercepted radio and telephone conversations prove that Russian-backed separatists were responsible for firing the rockets that pounded Ukraine’s southeastern city of Mariupol and killed at least 30 people, President Petro Poroshenko said Sunday during an emergency meeting of his Security Council. U.S. President Barack ...

Jan 20, 2015

Google sticks to EU-only application of 'right to be forgotten'

Google is only removing search results from European websites when individuals invoke their “right to be forgotten,” contrary to regulators’ guidelines, but will review that approach soon, the company’s chief legal officer said on Monday. The issue of how far the so-called right to ...

Jan 19, 2015

Manhunts, death threats as Europe on high terror alert

Europe was on high alert Sunday as the suspected mastermind of a jihadist cell in Belgium remained at large and jittery authorities blocked anti-Islamist rallies in Germany and France. With tensions heightened, the second gunman in the Charlie Hebdo magazine attack was buried discreetly ...

Jan 15, 2015

GM sees improved profit in 2015 on China, U.S. growth

General Motors Co on Wednesday forecast its 2015 operating profit will increase from last year due mostly to growth in its two largest auto markets, China and the United States. As it moves past a year marred by massive recalls from a defective ignition ...

Is Europe ready for Greek Crisis 2.0?

Jan 6, 2015

Is Europe ready for Greek Crisis 2.0?

Talk of Greece crashing out of the euro is back. And the question of whether Europe can handle another crisis in Greece is heightening financial uncertainty for the currency union just as it is struggling to grow and create jobs. Some analysts and politicians ...