EU’s easy-money endgame

Mar 31, 2015

EU’s easy-money endgame

by Hans-werner Sinn

The euro has brought a balance-of-payments crisis to Europe, just as the gold standard did in the 1920s. Only one difference exists between the two episodes: In today’s crisis, huge international rescue packages have been available. These rescue packages have relieved the eurozone’s financial ...

Mar 27, 2015

Japan reacts calmly to South Korean decision to join China-led AIIB

Japanese government officials reacted calmly to South Korea’s decision to join the planned Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The South Korean decision on Thursday “is not surprising,” a senior Finance Ministry official said. A high-ranking government official noted that Japan’s stance toward the AIIB ...

Mar 26, 2015

European nations sign world's first organ trafficking treaty

Fourteen European nations signed Wednesday in Spain the first ever international treaty to fight human organ trafficking, a business that generates over 1 billion dollars in illegal profits worldwide every year. The agreement would make it illegal to take organs from people living or ...

Mar 26, 2015

China denies seeking veto power in new multilateral bank

China has not sought veto power over a new multilateral bank, a top finance ministry official said Wednesday, after a report Beijing enticed major European countries to join by offering to give up control over decisions. Britain, Germany, France and Italy have in the ...

Mar 25, 2015

World's first anti-organ trafficking treaty opens

Starting Wednesday nations will be able to sign what backers say is the first ever international treaty to take on human organ trafficking. The agreement would make it illegal to take organs from people living or dead without their free and full consent, according ...

Mar 25, 2015

Amazon blasts U.S. agency for slowness on drone regulation

E-commerce power blasted federal regulators on Tuesday for being slow to approve commercial drone testing, saying the United States is falling behind other countries in the potentially lucrative area of unmanned aviation technology. Less than a week after the Federal Aviation Administration gave ...

Mar 20, 2015

U.S. alienating European allies

by William Pfaff

Trans-Atlantic relations are worse than they have been in some years, as Europeans widely attribute the new jihadism, the chaos in Iraq, Syria and Libya, the newly proclaimed Islamic State group, tension with Iran, and the sinister turn of events in Israel/Palestine to American ...