Nov 23, 2016

10 quotes on 1930s nationalism and now

Donald Trump’s election in the United States and a surge in far-right groups in Europe have led to a fierce debate among historians and commentators about the parallels between the current decade and the 1930s. Some believe that drawing a comparison with a catastrophic ...

EU plans online screening for visa-free travelers

Nov 17, 2016

EU plans online screening for visa-free travelers

Millions of tourists and business people visiting Europe will have to complete a €5 ($5.35) online security check before arrival if an EU plan to tighten controls on foreigners who do not need visas wins approval. The system, put forward by the executive European ...

Nov 15, 2016

Britain has no Brexit plan, leaked memo claims

The British government has no overarching plan for Brexit and may take another six months to agree on a negotiating strategy, according to a leaked memo published by The Times on Tuesday. Civil servants are struggling to cope with more than 500 Brexit-related projects ...