China's jailing of Uighur who grew beard 'absurd'

Mar 31, 2015

China's jailing of Uighur who grew beard 'absurd'

A six-year prison sentence reportedly given to a man in China’s mainly Muslim Xinjiang region for growing a beard is “absurd,” an overseas group said Monday as online accounts of the penalty disappeared. Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the exile World Uyghur Congress, said ...

Mar 27, 2015

'Racist' cupcakes banned from French shop window

A French court has banned the display of cupcakes topped with the naked figures of a man and woman wrought in dark chocolate in a pastry shop near Nice after a watchdog described them as “racist.” The “God” and “Goddess” cupcakes — which have ...

Mar 24, 2015

China executes three over Kunming knife attack that killed 31

Authorities in southwestern China on Tuesday executed three men convicted of masterminding a knife attack a year ago that killed 31 people outside a railway station in the city of Kunming. Iskandar Ehet, Turgun Tohtunyaz and Hasayn Muhammad were put to death after China’s ...

FBI asks for patience in black man's hanging in Mississippi

Mar 21, 2015

FBI asks for patience in black man's hanging in Mississippi

An FBI agent appealed for patience Friday after a black man was found hanging from a tree in Mississippi, saying 30 federal, state and local agents were working intensively to determine whether he was killed or committed suicide. The county coroner confirmed that the ...

Mar 18, 2015

Rights groups stage racism summit for embassy staff

by Tomohiro Osaki

Ethnic minorities and other socially vulnerable members of Japanese society gathered Wednesday to relate their stories of racial discrimination to embassy representatives in an effort to raise global awareness of their plight and fight racism. Organized by a union of more than 80 anti-discrimination ...