Apr 8, 2014

Avoid voting age disparity

The question of whether the minimum voting age for participating in Japan's referendums should be lower than the voting age for other elections remains unsettled.

Kyoto re-elects Yamada to top post

Apr 7, 2014

Kyoto re-elects Yamada to top post

by Eric Johnston

Incumbent Kyoto Gov. Keiji Yamada, 60, easily won re-election Sunday night, defeating rival Nozomu Ozaki, 59, by over a quarter of a million votes in a lackluster race. Strong support from most established political parties and the business community, coupled with the lack of ...

North Koreans cast votes, but government decides for whom

Mar 9, 2014

North Koreans cast votes, but government decides for whom

North Koreans went to the polls on Sunday to approve a new national legislature. The vote for the Supreme People’s Assembly is the first in five years and the first under leader Kim Jong Un. The last elections were held in March 2009, when ...

Mar 9, 2014

Campaigning begins for Osaka mayoral race

Official campaigning began Sunday in the race to choose Osaka’s next mayor, with Toru Hashimoto seeking a return to the position he quit and a fresh mandate to overhaul local politics — but with major political parties distancing themselves from the poll. The combative ...

Mar 3, 2014

LDP avoids second loss in local Okinawa races

Yoshitaka Nakayama, backed by the Liberal Democratic Party-led ruling coalition, was re-elected Sunday as mayor of Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture. Nakayama, 46, won 15,903 votes against 11,881 for Nagateru Ohama, 66, a former Ishigaki mayor who ran as an independent. With Nakayama’s victory, the LDP ...

Feb 16, 2014

Over half in Osaka question Hashimoto re-election bid: poll

A majority of voters in the city of Osaka have doubts about the snap election nationalist Mayor Toru Hashimoto has called to seek judgement on his proposal to merge the Osaka prefectural and municipal governments, a Kyodo News survey said Sunday. In the telephone ...

Feb 13, 2014

Another Tokuda sister cops to poll violation

Another elder sister of independent House of Representatives member Takeshi Tokuda pleaded guilty Thursday to illegally helping her brother’s election campaign in 2012. Narumi Koshizawa, 50, allegedly provided cash or airline tickets worth ¥150 million to employees of the Tokushukai hospital group in a ...

Feb 12, 2014

Thai opposition loses bid to annul election

Thailand’s opposition on Wednesday lost a legal bid to nullify a controversial election disrupted by anti-government protests, in a boost to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s crisis-hit administration. The kingdom’s Constitutional Court declined to consider the petition by the Democrat Party to annul the Feb. ...

Nagasaki Gov. Nakamura wins re-election

Feb 2, 2014

Nagasaki Gov. Nakamura wins re-election

Nagasaki Gov. Hodo Nakamura won a second four-year term Sunday after defeating a Communist challenger in the gubernatorial election. While the focus of the election was on the Isahaya Bay reclamation project, driven by the central government but opposed by local farmers, Nakamura, 63, ...