Jan 21, 2015

Egypt's el-Sissi says protest rights are secondary to stability

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said Tuesday that those questioning his government over human rights and freedom of expression are ignoring the fact that his country of 90 million lacks development, investment and desperately needed stability. Speaking during festivities to celebrate National Police Day Tuesday, ...

Jan 16, 2015

Abe leaves for Mideast tour to back peace process

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe left Friday for a nearly weeklong tour of the Middle East, seeking to boost Japan’s engagement in the region. Abe chose Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories to kick off his first diplomatic tour of 2015. He will express ...

26 men acquitted in trial over alleged 'debauchery' in Cairo bathhouse

Jan 13, 2015

26 men acquitted in trial over alleged 'debauchery' in Cairo bathhouse

An Egyptian court on Monday acquitted 26 men accused of “debauchery” after their nighttime arrest from a Cairo bathhouse for suspected homosexual activity, in a case that triggered international concern. “Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest). Long live justice,” chanted the defendants when the verdict ...

Jan 5, 2015

Tomb of previously unknown pharaonic queen found in Egypt

Czech archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of a previously unknown queen believed to have been the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago, officials in Egypt said Sunday. The tomb was discovered in Abu Sir, an Old Kingdom necropolis southwest of Cairo ...

Egypt court orders retrial in Al-Jazeera case

Jan 2, 2015

Egypt court orders retrial in Al-Jazeera case

An Egyptian appeals court on Thursday ordered the retrial of three Al-Jazeera English journalists held for over a year on terror-related charges, a ruling that their lawyers hoped was a step toward resolving a case that brought a storm of international criticism on Egypt’s ...

Dec 29, 2014

Egypt bans 'Exodus' over 'racism, untruths'

Egypt on Sunday said it banned Ridley Scott’s biblical epic “Exodus: Gods & Kings” because the Hollywood blockbuster distorts Egypt’s history and presents a “racist” image of Jews. The Culture Ministry explained its decision for the first time in a statement issued a few ...

Dec 28, 2014

Egypt reduces sentences in same-sex wedding case

An Egyptian appeals court on Saturday upheld the conviction of eight men for “inciting debauchery” for appearing in an alleged same-sex wedding video, but reduced their sentences from three years in prison to one, a court official said. The court didn’t immediately give a ...

Dec 25, 2014

Tenth Egyptian dies of H5N1 bird flu

A 5-year-old Egyptian boy died from bird flu on Wednesday, the 10th death from the virus in the country out of 22 identified cases this year, the Health Ministry said. Ministry spokesman Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar said the boy came to a hospital in ...

Shhh! Be careful what you say in Egypt today

Dec 18, 2014

Shhh! Be careful what you say in Egypt today

Six months after Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi became Egypt’s president after crushing his opponents, criticism of his regime is either whispered or left unspoken amid stifling curbs on freedom of expression. A deadly crackdown on Islamist supporters of Sissi’s predecessor, Mohammed Morsi, whom he ousted last ...