Sep 29, 2015

Minor opposition parties mull coalition talks with JCP

Two minor opposition parties on Monday agreed to consider talks on a proposed coalition with the Japanese Communist Party in a bid to win government and scrap new national security laws. JCP head Kazuo Shii proposed the coalition talks and cooperation among opposition parties ...

Sep 2, 2015

DPJ eyeing no-confidence motion against Abe Cabinet

The main opposition Democratic Party of Japan is considering submitting a motion of no confidence in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the House of Representatives — the all-important lower chamber of the Diet — senior DPJ official Jun Azumi said Wednesday. ...

Sep 1, 2015

Yet another opposition shake-up

The breakup of Ishin no To opens up a new chapter in the saga of the opposition camp, which has remained splintered since the DPJ fell from power in 2012.

LDP member under fire for belittling student protesters

Aug 4, 2015

LDP member under fire for belittling student protesters

A Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker is in hot water over a recent tweet that branded students protesting against the Abe administration’s security legislation as “self-centered” and “extremely selfish.” Takaya Muto, 36, said on Twitter last week that members of Students Emergency Action for Liberal ...