Jun 26, 2013

DPJ hopes platform derails 'Abenomics'

by Ayako Mie

The Democratic Party of Japan, hoping to rebrand itself as the only viable alternative to the Liberal Democratic Party, unveiled a hastily resurrected platform for next month’s Upper House election with vows to help the middle class, revive its reactor phaseout goal and oppose ...

Jun 15, 2013

Race begins for metro assembly

by Masaaki Kameda

Campaigning kicked off Friday for the June 23 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, which appears to lack a major divisive issue but whose results may portend the outcome of the crucial July Upper House poll. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its partner, New Komeito, ...

May 9, 2013

DPJ vows cut in Lower House seats

Among other goals it failed to achieve while in power, the Democratic Party of Japan will call for cutting 80 of the 480 seats in the Lower House in its campaign pledges for the upcoming Upper House election, a draft of its platform shows. ...

Nippon Ishin not an ally in race, DPJ says

Apr 3, 2013

Nippon Ishin not an ally in race, DPJ says

The Democratic Party of Japan does not plan to cooperate with Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party) in the Upper House election this summer. “We will not cooperate with Ishin,” DPJ Secretary General Goshi Hosono told a news conference Monday after a party ...