Apr 13, 2015

Winners in Sunday's gubernatorial elections

Ten governors were elected in Sunday’s quadrennial unified local elections. Here are their prefectures, names, terms in office and the parties that backed them. Hokkaido: Harumi Takahashi; entering fourth term; LDP/Komeito Kanagawa: Yuji Kuroiwa, entering second term; LDP/DPJ/Komeito/Nippon wo Genki ni Suru Kai (Party ...

Diet tussle over NHK budget set to heat up

Mar 29, 2015

Diet tussle over NHK budget set to heat up

A Diet confrontation over NHK’s fiscal 2015 budget is expected to heat up this week as questions are posed about whether President Katsuto Momii is qualified to lead the public broadcaster. While the Liberal Democratic Party-led ruling coalition to have NHK’s budget approved before ...