Eyelids give surgeons new path to the brain

Jan 27, 2015

Eyelids give surgeons new path to the brain

Doctor after doctor said removing the tumor causing Pamela Shavaun Scott’s unrelenting headaches would require cutting open the top of her skull and pushing aside her brain. Then one offered a startling shortcut — operating through her eyelid. The idea: Make a small incision ...

Jan 25, 2015

Nevada considering strict condom regulation for porn films

Adult film production migrated from California to Nevada after voters in Los Angeles County approved a law requiring condom use on set. Now, a condom use requirement could follow. Nevada health officials said Friday that they’re considering strict brothel-style regulations for a booming adult ...

Crimea, eastern Ukraine face AIDS epidemic, U.N. says

Jan 21, 2015

Crimea, eastern Ukraine face AIDS epidemic, U.N. says

A lethal health crisis is brewing in Russian-annexed Crimea and war-torn eastern Ukraine, where heroin users have lost access to therapy to wean them off the drug, the U.N.’s AIDS envoy said Wednesday. Out of 805 people in Crimea who before the annexation were ...

Jan 19, 2015

Britain, Europe's TB hub, seeks to wipe out the disease

Health authorities launched an £11.5 million ($17.4 million) plan on Monday to tackle Britain’s persistent tuberculosis problem, seeking to eradicate the contagious lung disease. Britain has one of the highest TB rates in Western Europe, with London known as the continent’s TB capital. Rates ...

Jan 19, 2015

Sri Lanka's kidney ills mystify: the scoop

A mystery kidney disease is killing Sri Lankan farmers. The first cases surfaced some two decades ago in North Central province, the main rice-producing area. Since then, the disease has killed up to an estimated 20,000 people on the Indian Ocean island nation. As ...

Jan 16, 2015

China diagnosed 104,000 new HIV cases in 2014: report

China diagnosed 104,000 new cases of HIV/AIDS in 2014, media reported Friday, highlighting growth in infections in the country despite a comparatively low overall rate. The figure was a 14 percent increase on the number of new cases diagnosed in 2013, the Beijing Times ...