Aug 6, 2016

Rodman rejects hit-and-run claim

The California Highway Patrol has recommended that Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman face charges in a freeway incident, but the former basketball player denied Friday that anything happened. “Guess what? Nothing happened, there was no wreck, there was no injuries, there was no nothing, ...

Jun 28, 2014

Could Kim be ready to declare war over a movie?


Asian geopolitics may never be the same now that Kim Jong Un has Seth Rogen and James Franco in his cross hairs. Their new comedy, “The Interview,” centers on a plot to assassinate Kim. The baby-faced dictator with the awful haircut doesn’t see the ...

'Let me take Bae's place': Rodman

Feb 2, 2014

'Let me take Bae's place': Rodman

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman offered Friday to take the place of an imprisoned U.S. missionary in North Korea, as he spoke publicly for the first time from a rehab facility. Rodman, 52, appeared on CNN television’s “New Day” program less than a month ...

Jan 19, 2014

Rodman checks into alcohol rehab: report

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman, facing a backlash for a series of visits to North Korea, has checked himself into an alcohol rehabilitation facility, U.S. media said Saturday. Rodman entered the undisclosed rehab center on Wednesday, and it is not clear how long he ...

Agent: Rodman didn't take money

Jan 11, 2014

Agent: Rodman didn't take money

Dennis Rodman’s agent says the former NBA star did not take any payment from the North Korean government during his trip to the country. Darren Prince says the North Korean government did not finance any part of the trip, adding that Irish betting company, ...

Rodman sorry for North Korea rant, blames drink

Jan 9, 2014

Rodman sorry for North Korea rant, blames drink

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman apologized Thursday for his televised outburst about a U.S. missionary detained in North Korea, explaining that he had been stressed and drinking at the time. Rodman was roundly criticized for his angry tirade in an interview with CNN, in ...