Jan 2, 2015

Senior Chinese diplomat sacked for corruption

A senior Chinese diplomat has been sacked and is under investigation for suspected corruption, the foreign ministry said on Friday, the first time a top diplomat has fallen victim to a sweeping campaign against graft. Zhang Kunsheng is no long an assistant foreign minister ...

Dec 29, 2014

Lu begins hunger strike in support of Chen's parole

Former Taiwanese Vice President Annette Lu started a hunger strike Sunday as part of a growing campaign for the release from prison of ailing ex-leader Chen Shui-bian. Chen, now 63, who led the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to power in 2000 after 50 ...

Slovenia's 'zombie church' targets corruption

Dec 25, 2014

Slovenia's 'zombie church' targets corruption

by Bojan Kavcic

“In the name of the bell, the pan and the holy pot . . . ” Slovenia’s newest religion may have the strangest of scriptures, but in a country plagued by corruption scandals, its antigraft gospel has gained a huge following. The Trans-Universal Zombie ...

Xi visit to Macau deals cold deck to high-rolling VIP gamblers

Dec 18, 2014

Xi visit to Macau deals cold deck to high-rolling VIP gamblers

As Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Macau this weekend for his first official visit in five years, the message from Beijing is clear: the world’s biggest gambling center cannot remain a one-industry town. Xi’s pervasive anti-graft campaign contributed to a disastrous year for ...

Dec 16, 2014

Strip bars and drugs uncovered in Philippine jail raid

A raid on the Philippines’ biggest jail on Monday uncovered drug lords “living like kings” in secret luxury cells with strip bars, sex dolls, a jacuzzi and methamphetamines, the justice secretary said. Police commandos in full battle armor and tracker dogs swooped down on ...