On the green, Vietnam army's capitalist streak

May 3, 2015

On the green, Vietnam army's capitalist streak


Vietnam’s busiest airport, once a major gateway for thousands of U.S. troops headed for battle, is now the scene of a slow-burning controversy linked to the commercial clout of the country’s powerful military. To alleviate congestion at Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat ...

Apr 30, 2015

China rhetoric emboldens business critics


Private entrepreneurs in China are voicing unprecedented criticism of government, encouraged by policies and rhetoric from Beijing emphasizing support for the most productive sectors of the economy. In the past two weeks, Premier Li Keqiang has exhorted Chinese banks to cut their fees and ...

Apr 29, 2015

China says will hunt down those guilty of serial bribery

Chinese authorities will hunt down individuals and organizations that engage in serial bribery, especially in cases which cause serious public anger or accidents, state media said on Wednesday, as the government takes on deep-rooted graft. The country’s top prosecutor, as part of broader efforts ...

Apr 24, 2015

Ex-China security czar tells court he accepted bribes, abused power

The Communist Party official whose downfall ushered in China’s graft crackdown admitted to taking bribes and abusing power under the instructions of the country’s retired public security czar. Li Chuncheng, 59, a former deputy party chief in China’s Sichuan province, said Thursday that he ...

Apr 23, 2015

Philippine customs head quits in blow to Aquino anti-graft drive

Philippine Customs Commissioner Sunny Sevilla said he submitted his resignation Wednesday, citing pressure to promote people without considering their merit for the jobs. “I’m feeling the political patronage” pressure, Sevilla said at a briefing in Manila on Thursday, without elaborating. “I hope the next ...